Cloud Migration

Transform your business by efficiently & securely migrating to cloud with our exceptional cloud migration services.

Cloud computing has become a necessity in recent years. With our high-end cloud migration strategies, we deploy your digital assets & resources in the cloud.

Our experts will provide you with a roadmap to a highly secure, scalable and speedy path to the cloud.

We assist you in every decision you make. Whether you want to migrate to the cloud entirely or want to select the hybrid approach, or you want to switch between providers.

Moreover, our team of cloud professionals provide you with the necessary assistance to build as well as execute your cloud migration plan.

Application Migration

We assist businesses in upgrading & modernizing their applications.

Our team focus on minimizing your error-prone and time-consuming manual process. Instead, we equip you with cost-optimized, zero data loss and risk-free cloud migrating services.

In addition, we take into consideration the following factors to provide you effective services.

We focus on finding different ways to automate the process before the implementation. As well as, perform complete risk-assessment to determine the problems, solutions, time-duration needed, etc.

Our decision is based on your business requirements to improve the overall functionality & productivity of your application.

We ponder collectively to decide whether to rehost, re-build, replace, refactor, replatform or migrate your application.

Infrastructure Migration

We can effectively migrate your data into result-oriented business applications to any cloud platform of your choice.

Therefore, our team builds an efficient cloud infrastructure for your ongoing business needs.

Hence, we optimize your software infrastructures to reduce risks and unnecessary expenses.

Henceforth, our process helps us tackle all your technological needs for improved performance.

The planning starts after thorough research & analysis performed by our experts.

Furthermore, we outline milestones, technological specifications, schedule workflows, and prioritize objectives.

We prepare an upgraded infrastructure which will include your preferred features and services. Our experts make it perfectly compatible with the host target to avoid any potential mishaps.

Our team understands the need for a sturdy infrastructure. We focus on creating optimal automation scripts and software deployment scenarios. Each detail whether minor or major is taken into account to accelerate and smooth out the infrastructure migration process.

The final stage of our process is migration of the entire data and media assets. We have a variety of formats available for this process. You need a responsible and attentive team to carry out this subsequent approach. Our qualified developers ensure error-free results and smooth process flow with no data loss.

Cloud Storage Migration

Our expert-level storage migration services will migrate your data to the cloud securely.

By applying our phase methodology, our team understands the requirements and goals of your organization.

Our storage migration techniques are thorough and risk-free.

As, this lets us extract the manual as well as automated data, for loading, testing, verification, etc.

Therefore, our storage migrating services are available for all operating systems, IT infrastructures, enterprise-class applications, websites and databases.

In the first Step, we align our storage migration service plans with your business needs and requirements.

We plan the entire project and it’s technicalities including the phases and tasks. Each detail of the plan will be scheduled keeping in mind the timeline and efficiency in results.

Once you accept the plan, our team will prepare for its transition to the new storage infrastructure.

Our team will review the entire project after implementation to check if each detail worked out as planned. This will resolve any issue that may take place after the implementation of storage migration services.

Cloud Platform Migration

We accelerate the growth of your business through our evolved platform migration services.

Our team ensure receival of maximum Return on Investment through our initiatives.

Before moving towards the migration service, we perform a platform migration assessment.

Therefore, this will lead to :

  • Key migration risks identification
  • Implementation approaches and data gaps identification
  • Cost and timeline identification

Our process has one aim i.e. aligning your old data with the schema of the new cloud platform. Our data strategy involves:

1) Source platform application and the target platform application identification<br /> 2) Identification of data schemas to perform system integration<br /> 3) We perform a conversion test through the sample data extraction.<br /> 4) Preparation and presentation of the platform migration report.<br /> 5) Archiving the data from your old platform.