CRM Development Services

A CRM solution is designed for the purpose of building, improving and retaining customer relationships.

Above all, our CRM developers are efficient in creating custom solutions depending on your peculiar business needs.

Our CRM strategies will not only assist you in acquiring new customers, but will also nurture your existing customers.

Businesses need to create strong relationships with their customers. Hence, investing in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Development solutions is a core necessity  to perform customer-centric processes. CRM drives integrated and data-driven solutions that lead to smooth business growth.

These systems compile the data of all customer interactions, across multiple channels to analyse & manage the incurring issues. Further, this data assists in creating personalized experiences for the consumers, driving up the effectiveness of business operations.

Our CRM tools are a combination of technology, strategies and practices, used to improve the customer life cycle, causing customer retention, and simultaneously driving the business growth.

Our end-to-end strong CRM solutions will result in –

Increased Customer Retention
Increased Customer Retention
Optimized Marketing Strategies
Optimized Marketing Strategies
Enhanced Sales Productivity
Enhanced Sales Productivity
Improved Communication
Improved Communication
Increase In Revenue
Increase In Revenue
High Efficiency
High Efficiency
Rise In Customer Satisfaction
Rise In Customer Satisfaction
Automation Of Everyday Tasks
Automation Of Everyday Tasks
Improvement In Customer Service
Improvement In Customer Service

CRM Development for Sales

We help you use the AI capabilities to prioritize leads, track customer relationships, organize everyday schedules, automate sales execution, etc.

CRM solutions assist in boosting the sales of an enterprise. It empowers the sellers to focus on fulfilling customer needs. Therefore, a good level of customer engagement is important to win better deals, improve productivity, foster better relationships, etc.

Our custom designed CRM strategies enable you to accelerate our company sales.

Most Importantly, our CRM techniques will help in:

Optimizing Sales Intelligence

Centralizing The Sales Data

Accounts And Leads Management

Sales Strategy & Forecasting

Sales Workflow Automation

Building A Performance Oriented Sales Team

CRM for Marketing

The focus of our CRM solutions is causing improvement in the customer journeys through our marketing strategies.

Further, our CRM plans involve organizing marketing campaigns across multiple channels, enabling personalized communication with customers, and nurturing the sales ready leads.

Through efficient planning, we align your marketing and sales teams to –

Foster Leads

Running multi channel marketing campaigns through events, digital advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and web content.<br /> Personalizing the customer experience by customizing their journey’s based on the collected data & user engagement.

Better Decision Making

Gaining insights through the analysis of real time data.<br /> Using lead scoring models to prioritize the company leads.<br /> Creation of custom dashboards to assist in data analysis.

Quick Adaptation

Automation of processes for better experiences.<br /> Implementing AI to drive business innovation<br /> Reduction in operating costs by effective deployment of CRM software across the company infrastructure.

CRM for Customer Engagement

Our multi-channel customer services allows you to develop an engaging and trusting relationship with your customers.

Increasing customer engagement is the core aim of our organization. Hence, our use of Artificial Intelligence will enable you to lead valuable and high level interactions with your customers.

The data analysis helps in making future predictions which in turn assists in resolving customer issues quickly. Therefore, intelligent automation and improved service caused by customer feedback, discussion forums, etc lets us give your customers personalized services.

CRM for Order Processing

Processing of orders can be quite time-consuming. However, with automation, this can be done in an error free manner in much less time.

With CRM software, a predefined criteria is already set like Discount, Quantity, etc. Hence, this initiates the processing of huge volumes of orders at a faster rate.

Automation in generation of packing slips

Automation in configurable orders

Shipping & Return Management

Intelligent allocation of orders across locations

CRM Platforms We Use:

A) Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform will give you a CRM software which is capable of providing customized and flexible business solutions. Likewise, these are designed specifically as per the needs of the business.

Therefore, it provides a  good variety of software products which are utilised in the management of end-to-end business solutions.

Hence, you can choose the Microsoft dynamics module that is feasible to your business requirements.

The various modules of Microsoft dynamics are Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Dynamics 365 Commerce, etc.

To sum up, this Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform will give you the benefit of –


It has a good configuration potential along with faster and cost-efficient customization. The development platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to create new applications and alter the functionalities of current applications based on current business needs.


You can integrate any Microsoft tool in this module like Office 365, Power BI, Microsoft Azure Services, etc for the blockchain, IoT, and machine learning solutions.

Moderate Prizes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules offer competitive pricing plans. Such comprehensive solutions are efficient in lowering the cost per segment depending on the number of products.

B) Salesforce

Our Salesforce professional services will provide adequate support to your CRM strategy. Hence, this will result in improvement in your marketing, sales and customer services.

This involves –

Consulting Services

Consulting Services assist in resolving specific CRM challenges.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services involve the implementation of effective CRM solutions.

Customization Services

Customization Services includes designing personalized CRM solutions depending on your business requirements.

Application Development Services

Application Development Services are important for the integration of your software product with the Salesforce platform.

Migration Services

Migration Services involves secure migration of legacy system, cloud or on-premises to Salesforce.

Integration Services

Integration Services ensure effective flow of information across all departments. This leads to data consistency which helps in successful completion of complex projects too.

Upgradation Services

Upgradation Services are also provided to deal with the ongoing and potential business requirements.

Support & Maintenance Services

Support & Maintenance Services improves the stability of your operations.

CRM Development Consulting

Our robust CRM consulting services will help you in selecting the best marketing, sales, and customer services strategies as per your needs. Therefore, by tailoring customized CRM solutions, you can achieve high ROI.

To sum up, we provide you several CRM consulting services such as –

CRM Process Automation Consulting

Sales, Customer Service and Marketing Automation Consulting.

CRM Project Consulting

CRM Implementation, CRM Migration, CRM Revamp and CRM Consolidation Consulting.

CRM Consulting for Domains

E-commerce, Healthcare, Banking, Accounting and Manufacturing CRM Consulting.

CRM Development Implementation

Implementation of CRM is necessary for the deployment of CRM software. Also, you can track all communications with the customers via CRM software.

This implementation will give your business high customer satisfaction, increased sales and increased leads.

A solid strategy is the core of the CRM implementation process. As, this strategy includes all business areas like marketing, sales, customer support, etc. After all, your desired KPIs in each area will be achieved through this strategy. In short, this will conclude in effective digital transformations in all areas.

The project plan will be divided into several parts i.e steps or stages with clear timelines. The CRM implementation plan has the following phases –

  • CRM Consulting
  • Data Cleansing and Migration
  • Customization and Custom CRM Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • User Training
  • Post Implementation Support

Assessments help in discovering issues that might disrupt the whole plan such as issues related to time and budget, inconvenient choice of CRM strategy, difficult or hard to learn CRM features, etc. After that, steps are taken to resolve such issues at the earliest to avoid future loopholes.

Custom CRM Development

CRM solutions can be customized to benefit the organization and fulfil its needs. Therefore, this will improve your relationship with your customers which in turn will boost your revenue.

Our solutions consist of methods to increase business efficiency, attract new customers, boost ROI, retain existing customers, and increase profit margins. In addition , our team uses customer data insights to fulfil your business needs.

Data intelligence decision making is beneficial to all business areas. Consequently, this leads to –

Increase In Sales Consistency
Increase In Sales Consistency
Better Customer Engagement
Better Customer Engagement
Cost Efficient Business Processes
Cost Efficient Business Processes
Automated Business Data Collection
Automated Business Data Collection
AI Powered Data Insights
AI Powered Data Insights

CRM Mobile Apps Development

An Advanced number of mobile users have contributed to the development of CRM mobile applications. Above all, with mobile CRM, your teams can synchronize and update the data and information on the move.

CRM integration to social media platforms and smartphones will deliver high-end customized solutions to your customers.

Furthermore, Investment in mobile CRM applications will pay dividends in terms of –

Availability of the shared data on any device, High savings, and Reduced admin overheads.

Personalized customer experiences, communication with customers anywhere anytime, easy tracking of social media activities.

Efficient resolution of issues, tracking of customer needs and demands.

Development platform with built-in integration to your CRM system.