Data Analytics Services

These Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services enable us to empower your business with intuitive & agile processes

All leading organizations blend information and insights among people & different data sources to influence their business outcomes. We leverage the power of Data Analytics to identify new ways to address your business challenges.

Furthermore, we practice data & analytics to drive favourable business outcomes, digital growth, and competitive advantage.

Therefore, our scientific decision-making and business practices lead to process improvement and creation of new business models.

Our analytics solutions include –

  Data Integration, Data Governance and Data Warehousing
  Big Data Infrastructure, Quality, Support, Security and Reporting
  Data Management
  Data Mining and Machine Learning Models
  Self Service Business Intelligence
  Data Visualization

Customer Data Analytics

The customer models generate data about customer’s sensitivity towards price, needs, purchase patterns, etc.

Henceforth, we use the data analysis software to prepare reliable customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Our customer analytics software collects and manages customer data, customer behavior analytics & prediction for customer relationship management.

Our customer analytics consist of –

Descriptive customer

We analyze the historical as well as real time customer data to discover the past activities and the current behavior patterns of your customers.

Diagnostic Customer

Our professionals concentrate on finding the core of your business problems.<br /> By data mining, data discovery, etc., we gather the internal & external customer data.

Predictive Customer

We focus on using the machine learning and data mining techniques, to analyze the real time and historical data.

Prescriptive Customer

Performed by our experts of the future possibilities help us in preparing the best course of action for your business.

Our suggested customer analytics solution needs several useful integrations such as –

We perform an automated transfer of all the CRM data, to be used by sales, marketing & other teams who are part of the customer analytics solution.

The e-commerce data such as product data, customer behavior data, etc. is used in the customer analytics solution.

This integration is useful to feed the customer analytics software with the transactional data.

Social media is a power source for discovering customer sentiments in our customer analytics software.

Therefore, their preferred brand, services, products helps in assessing the value & success rate of your chosen marketing or sales campaigns

Our marketing software gets all data insights from the customer analytics software.

Financial Analytics

A minor mistake can lead to implementation of an ineffective strategy..

Therefore, our experts provide efficient planning and financial analytics consulting services with real-time data to prepare accurate financial reports & plans.

Moreover, we create customized financial analysis software to gather and analyze your business’s financial data.

Certainly, this software can efficiently manage your budgets, expenses and forecasts related data.

Our financial analytics experts provide you with –

Integrated Financial Data

The financial data collected in our software is not collected from a single source

Real-time Reports

The financial analytics software has the automation feature which saves you from manually entering the data.

Flexible Solutions

With flexible data storage services, you have a choice to save your financial data on your servers or cloud as per your needs.

Through financial analytics software, our professionals assist you in –

Manufacturing Analytics

Our manufacturing analytics software will assure that your business processes are efficiently managed.

Moreover, this ensures –

  • Production Optimization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Enterprise Management

Our team finds it convenient to break the projects into simple phases to carry out the manufacturing analytics for proper results.

Phase I : Aggregation of Data

Our Marketing Analytics software helps in smooth data aggregation and preparation of effective data storage facilities.

Phase II - Using Simple Analytical Algorithms

Using simple analytical algorithms is our way to make minor and targeted changes in your manufacturing process like changes to improve the quality of the product or changes to reduce waste, etc.

Phase III - Sophisticated Analytical Methods

In the third phase, we move further to using major analytical methods to change the entire manufacturing process. Changing the entire business model is also a part of this phase, if need arises.

Phase IV - Production Management Automation

The manufacturing analytical software will ultimately lead to automation of the entire production process. Your historical and current data will be analyzed in real-time this way. You can set the targeted commands based on this data.