IT Consulting Services

We are experts in providing IT consulting services to organizations of any size. Whether, your business is booming or its operations have slackened, our team can provide high-end solutions that will lead to improvement.

We aim to optimize your software architecture with tech driven strategies. Risk Management, IT assessment, IT Budget Planning, Strategic Planning are all part of our customized IT consulting services.

IT Consulting like us, give you a measure to use technology to your advantage. In addition, they analyze the current market and data to predict the future actions. We know where you stand and where you need to go. Furthermore, we create a roadmap of the technology that will assist you in achieving your goals.

The fast moving pace of Information Technology has urged the businesses to invest in winning IT strategies.

These strategies can help you in giving your business a digital transformation.

IT Assessments

Our team performs comprehensive IT Assessments to create transparency in organizations operations. To sum up, these assessments can give the necessary data related to performance gaps, inefficiencies, redundancies, etc. Meanwhile, our effective IT solution will aim to remove all such issues.

An in-depth insight to all inefficiencies faced by a business can also determine the improvement areas. Hence, implementing solutions in these areas will help us align our IT solutions to your business goals.

All IT assessments involve identification of IT strengths and IT risks. This also discovers areas of unnecessary expenses, thus we also focus on cost reduction and cost optimization.

We provide IT assessment to support your business goals and to provide relevant technology solutions.

Our IT assessment includes the following functional areas –

Server Infrastructure

Operating systems, performance, Virtualization, Warranty & Support, and Capability Planning.

Cloud Services

Service Delivery Model, Compliance, accessibility, and availability.

Data Storage

Performance, Availability, SAN, Accessibility, and Permissions.

Business Services or Applications

CRM, File sharing, Messaging, Directory Services, Financial Management, and Business Intelligence.

Network Infrastructure

UPS, Power, Warranty & Support, and Environmental Controls.

IT Disaster Recovery

Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Impact Analysis, Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Disaster Recovery Planning, and Backups.

Carrier Services

Cables & Connectivity, ISP, Warranty & Support, Network Switching, and LAN/WAN.

Network Security

Content Filtering, Anti-Virus, RTO password policies, Physical Security, Firewall, and Anti-Spam.


Risk Identification & Analysis.

IT Strategy and Planning Consulting

Our IT Consulting plans will support your current business processes and combine them with new business initiatives.

A well-developed IT strategy is that which supports your business goals. Therefore, we develop effective IT solutions and programs to give the necessary competitive advantage.

We ensure that correct decisions are made today in terms of technology & infrastructure to gain high benefits in the future.

Likewise, we offer highly competitive practices to increase your business efficiency & productivity.

We introduce reliable & cost-effective IT services which includes –

Business and IT Alignment Plan

A Business and IT alignment plan where the current processes are aligned with IT and new business models are also introduced when necessary.

IT Operating Model

An efficient IT operating model to improve your business’s operational efficiency.

IT Sourcing Plan

An IT sourcing plan which finalizes the operations that will be performed in-house and the one that needs to be outsourced. Needs can be fulfilled via a single provider or multiple providers.

Application Integration Plan

The Application Integration Plan will automate several functions and remove the duplicated processes. The selected integration model is customized as per organizations needs, architecture, and constraints.

IT Service Reliability

The IT service reliability includes the introduction of improvements after problem detection & prevention and reporting.

Data Quality Plan

Our Data Quality Plan is especially introduced for businesses having critical IT systems.

IT Security & Compliance Plan

We provide an IT Security & Compliance Plan which includes application security, network protection, compliance of the business IT with industry regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.

Technology Roadmap

We plan out all the future strategic technology initiatives through technology roadmap. You can share this roadmap with your shareholders, partners, vendors, anybody who relies on your organization for integrations and other technology services.

Our technology roadmap will be able to communicate the organization’s technological strategy visually. Furthermore, these IT roadmap is necessary for the decision-making related to the IT infrastructure and strategies.

Developing a technology roadmap can build a company’s technological backbone. It is important for current business operations and will also assist in providing future technological advances.

The technology roadmap will be able to create a strategic business framework to organize your ideas. This will help in prioritizing the business objectives with the strategic plans to enable effective decision-making.

We can also easily use this technology roadmap to communicate the intricate details of our strategic plan with all the members of your organization. This will give easy assistance to everybody involved in the entire process of development.

Legacy App Modernization

We provide software modernization practices increasingly used by organization to give competitive customer experiences, in addition, to fulfil fast changing operational and market needs.

Furthermore, the legacy app modernization involves several benefits in addition to several risks.

Our experts have various ways to mitigate the risks and increase the value of legacy software modernization.

Deep Assessment

Through deep assessment and analysis of the legacy application code & design, we perceive the technical & economic feasibility of the project.

Risk Management

We give high priority to the management and transparency of the modernization project. Our risk management steps handle all inefficiencies before they even occur.

Split Your Legacy Application

We split your legacy application into smaller parts which eases the implementation process of the necessary changes we want to bring about. The step-by-step approach will prevent the occurrence of a potential cold freeze. This will also enable us to add new features in the legacy application and fix issues (if any).

Test and Monitor

We test and monitor the legacy application to prevent defects that if not resolved may lead to operational downtime and operational disruptions.